The decision to Blog

While browsing around on our wedding photographers blog I found his list of ‘101 things to do before I die’.  This wouldn’t have been anything more than an interesting read if it weren’t for the day I was having.

I recently applied for a job at the University of California in the USA.  I saw the advertisement the day applications closed and applied on a whim.  I am not unhappy in my current job but thought it would be nice to entertain the idea just like when you talk about what you would do if you won lotto.

This was shortly followed by a work trip to New Zealand.  It was far less scary than when I went to Germany as an exchange student or when my husband and I went to Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand for our honeymoon.  I think perhaps because I’d only ever been to countries that spoke a different language.

These two things had me thinking,where do I want to be in 5 years? Do I want to be in Canberra, working at the uni?  What is my career path if I stay here?  Should I go back and do more study? How soon do we want to have kids?  And most surprisingly, why have I not looked outside the comfortable bubble world that is Canberra before now?  The wider world felt far less scary now that it was available in my language of choice…so why not consider moving to the USA as a possibility….

The news came that unfortunately unless I already had the ‘legal right to work in the USA’ that they couldn’t offer me a position.  I anticipated the pang of rejection but it never came.  Did this mean I never really wanted it or did the fact that it was not me that was rejected but my circumstances that shielded me from feeling disappointed?

Regardless, I was buoyed up at the time but my achievements in a recent ‘Body Transformation Challenge’ where I got in to the University 2nd grade Hockey team, found an enjoyment in running that I never thought was possible, started hitting 50km in my weekly double RPM classes at the gym and lost 6.7 kg in the process.

After getting back from NZ, putting on a few kg and settling back into the regular doldrums of daily life in Canberra post job application/overseas trip/fitness challenge I found myself losing motivation and asking myself what the hell am I doing with my life. I was back at my initial question…Where do I want to be in 5 years.

So, after the tally of insignificant events started to drag me down into the depression of apathetic thoughts and an inability to escape my own negative self talk I stumbled upon Jeremy’s bucket list.

This inspired me to write my own bucket list.  So in addition to rediscovering the motivation to make things happen for myself I am happy to say that I know where I’d like to be in 5 years…(and here’s where it get’s soppy) with a bucket list that is well on the way to being achieved by the time I die.

And with that I give you number 31…write a blog.  I look forward to the journey outside the everyday with you.


2 thoughts on “The decision to Blog

  1. This was such a good first post! I just opened my WP account today, and wanted to browse around first for inspiration. I really like the way you captured your uncertainty, and your demotivation and found a way to channel it out! Kudos, will follow. (:

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