‘101 Things’

  1. Learn to surf  (Narooma Jan 2012)
  2. Jump out of a plane   (QLD Aug 2008)
  3. Dive the great barrier reef   (QLD Oct 2011)
  4. Visit the Daintree   (QLD Oct 2011)
  5. Learn another language  (German 1999)
  6. Learn Spanish
  7. Meet David Attenborough
  8. See a symphony orchestra  (Sydney opera house 2012)
  9. Go to a Ballet  ( Sydney opera house 2007)
  10. Drive across Australia
  11. Shave my head
  12. Buy a house
  13. Hug a stranger  (Circular Quay Sydney 2012)
  14. Get married   (Nov 2010)
  15. Have children
  16. Make a stranger happy by helping them have a family (make a human baby with IVF)
  17. Rehabilitate and release a wild animal
  18. Live in another country  (Germany 1999-2000)
  19. Visit South America
  20. Visit Africa
  21. Visit Asia  ( Vietnam/Cambodia/Thailand Nov-Dec 2010)
  22. Take husband to Germany
  23. Look good in a Bikini
  24. Start/own/run a business
  25. Sponsor a child
  26. Visit the Amazon
  27. Learn to draw/paint
  28. Stay in a log cabin with a real fire by the coast
  29. Live on  $2 a day for week
  30. Get a degree
  31. Write a blog
  32. Go for a 100km bike ride
  33. Visit New Zealand  (April 2012)
  34. Stand in the rain until I embrace the wet
  35. Dive on a shipwreck
  36. Read a classic Novel
  37. Watch a black and white movie
  38. Watch a classic movie
  39. Watch a silent movie
  40. Go Hangliding  (Queenstown N.Z April 2012)
  41. Drive a truck
  42. Learn to back a trailer
  43. Learn to ride a motorbike
  44. Be a vegetarian for a month
  45. Fly first class
  46. Be spontaneous – go somewhere without knowing where
  47. Ride a rollercoaster
  48. Go on a cruise
  49. Learn sign language
  50. Throw a costume party
  51. Climb the harbor bridge   (with Kaisu 2010)
  52. Ride a horse on a beach   (NZ April 2012)
  53. Find out my ethnic background
  54. Thank my birthmother for giving me to my wonderful parents
  55. Milk a cow  (Coombes Farm as a child)
  56. Flash a stranger
  57. Go skinny dipping
  58. Run one of the following fun run/marathon/half marathon/triathalon
  59. Raise money for charity  ($640 for ovarian cancer research 2011 Frocktober)
  60. Catch a fish and eat it
  61. Go on a sleeper train  (Vietnam Dec 2010)
  62. Learn about Islam
  63. Have high tea  (Canberra Hyatt 2010)
  64. Be a foster parent
  65. Volunteer for a charity/community organization
  66. Make ice cream from scratch
  67. Get hypnotized  (Bega RSL – age 16 video proof!)
  68. Give Blood (Blood type O+)
  69. Hire a house boat
  70. Sleep under the stars   (Kimberly canoe trip 2008)
  71. Go to the cricket (with my Nan)
  72. Watch the sun rise on the beach  (Gillard’s beach after husband Proposed)
  73. Watch the sun set on the beach  (Cottesloe beach Perth)
  74. Do not speak for an entire day
  75. Visit a concentration camp   (Buchenwald, Germany 1999)
  76. Go to an ANZAC dawn service  ( Canberra war memorial)
  77. Fire a gun  (Vietnam 2010)
  78. Publish something
  79. Enter my banana cake in the royal Easter show
  80. Be a bridesmaid
  81. Register as an organ donor
  82. Go canoeing  (2 day trip up the Ord river W.A 2008
  83. Go in a mosh pit   (Pearl Jam Berlin 2000)
  84. Get a tattoo  (2001)
  85. Be Debt free
  86. Go in a mountain biking competition
  87. Try waterskiing/wakeboarding
  88. Speak at a conference
  89. Overcome my fear of cockroaches
  90. Try Bonsai
  91. Make pasta from scratch
  92. Take dance lessons (2010)
  93. Write a ‘Will’
  94. Have a garage sale
  95. Go to the Olympics
  96. Finish a computer game  (Halo Co-op with husband)
  97. Go on a weeklong hike (and camp)
  98. Teach  (CIT 2011)
  99. Learn self defense
  100. Have a self sustainable garden (veggies, chickens etc)
  101. Inspire someone to start their own bucket list

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