#91 – Pasta

Pasta would have to be close to the top of my favourite food list, along with old English toffee ice-cream (also on my bucket list to make), Prawns and those baby chat potatoes with butter and mint that my parents make at barbecues.

Now I knew that to make pasta I would need one of those (and here’s where it gets technical) ‘pasta rolling thingy’s’ so I trotted off to my local specialised cooking store.  I should have known better! STICKER SHOCK!! Who knew that they cost $150.  Wow, maybe I would not be making pasta after all, I mean I wanted to have a go at making pasta not jump into a full-scale pasta production!

It should have been a sign when I walked through the door only to be met with a wall of tagine options, coffee machines galore, more cookie cutters than you could poke a stick at and a flurry of ladies in the corner with their aprons on busying themselves with their cake decorating class.

After politely but honestly admitting to the girl, who showed me their range of Italian made ‘pasta rolling thingy’s’ (yes that is what I told her I was looking for) that I was looking for something a little less professional she suggested I have a look at Kmart.

I wasn’t sure whether to giggle or walk out of the store with my cheap ass tail between my legs.  Off to Kmart I went.

As I snaked my way through the crowded Kmart aisles I was surprised at how low the prices have actually gone, it is like a bulk $2 shop.  Nevertheless I found my beloved pasta roller and almost yipped with delight when I discovered it was just $12! ha ha


$12 Kmart pasta roller thingy

I was back on track…off to get ingredients

Then it dawned on me, I was standing in the supermarket with my pasta roller and no idea how to make pasta.  Well, I saw it on Masterchef once and I think it has flour and eggs…hmmm better google it just to be sure.  So out came the smart-phone (thank goodness for smart-phones) and I was over the next hurdle.


I got home and cleared the kitchen area like a bulldozer ready to tackle my first pasta making experience.


200g flour

2 eggs

Pinch of salt

Sift flour into a bowl and add eggs.  Mix with a fork until dough like then knead onto a floured surface.


Now for the fun part.

Well, a picture tells a thousand words so…

The first roll


Looking right so far



Then came the sauce.  When making pasta from scratch I think the pasta should definitely be the hero so I didn’t want a sauce that would take away from it.

Sauce – a made up concoction somewhat resembling a pesto of some sort

– 1 onion finely diced

– 1 tomato diced

– olive oil

– garlic

– herbs (oregano, basil)

I added the above ingredients to a pan and sautéed until soft.  while it was cooking I put some pine nuts in a mortar and pestle, crushed them up and mixed in Danish feta, a little chilli, some more herbs and olive oil.

I boiled the pasta for a few minutes until it floated and then we were ready to eat!

My poor husband had to wait until I did the mandatory attempt at fancy plating up for a picture. then i added the pesto to the pasta, threw in some baby bocconcini and it was done.

The fancy plate


The husband’s bowl

The verdict…actually really nice despite the thickness being somewhere between fettuccine and hokkien noodle (I will have to roll it thinner next time) I came out the other end asking why people buy pasta when home-made tastes so good!  I am fully aware that when the novelty wears off that my $12 pasta maker will join the dark back corner of my kitchen cupboard along with my giant cupcake pan and other assorted experimental kitchen goodies.  But for now I am in the post pasta glow of a deliciously rewarding experiment outside the everyday.



4 thoughts on “#91 – Pasta

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  2. Oh hunny, you write so honestly as if you are talking directly to me. I love you for that. People out there will no doubt be thoroughly satisfied after reading this adventure conveyed with such candid honesty, so rare in this world. Your blog post brought a smile to my face and crystallised one of the many reasons why you make me feel so lucky to be with you. Keep it up kid!

  3. I helped make pasta years ago when I shared a house with Rosy.
    We had long runs of pasta stretched across the kitchen [ no machine ], between a couple of brooms. Hygiene???
    Cant even remember what it tasted like!!!

    • Hi Anonymous fellow pasta maker! Sounds like it is time for you to revisit your pasta making 🙂 I couldn’t imagine trying to make it without a machine. Although on Australian masterchef last night they made pici; a hand rolled Italian pasta like thick spaghetti. Maybe that is worth a go?!

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