One mans trash…

…is quite possibly another mans trash as well.  In my case I was really hoping that my trash was indeed as the saying goes ‘another man’s treasure’.

A few weeks ago we got a flyer in the mail for a ‘car boot sale’ that was being held at the school up the road.  I was excited at the thought of checking off another thing from my bucket list; #94 have a garage sale. While not technically a garage sale I think a car boot sale is close enough so I’m going to let myself mark it off.If you are not familiar with what a boot sale is or if the term conjures images of people selling shoes out of their cars, then you are probably from a part of the world that names the storage part of your car afer an elephants appendage rather than a piece of footwear. So before we go on I am going to use ‘car boot sale’ to mean garage sale/yard sale/place to sell ones unwanted ‘stuff’ that has been dredged out from the dark and dusty depths of the house. For $10 a site we booked ourselves a spot to sell our unwanted wares.

Photographed by Daniel Case 2006-01-20.

English: A female African Bush Elephant raises... Boot vs Trunk

On Saturday afternoon we set out to tackle the job of cleaning out the garage.  To paint an accurate picture of our garage, we struggle to fit our bicycles (all 6 of them) in there let alone a car.  To be fair half of it is my mother in laws furniture which we are storing while she builds her house. We seem to suffer from a common form of garage hoarding though where all the things we don’t use go for ‘when we have our own place’ or ‘when we have kids’.

I think I got this from my dad.  When we were growing up in a small town near the coast my parents bought a block of land just out of town and built a house on it.  The 2 car garage that was on the plans was changed to a rumpus room at the last minute for us kids and a large shed was built out the back as a garage.  This never ended up with cars parked in it either as it was filled with old furniture and a Datsun fairlady that Dad has been doing up (slowly but surely).  My Pop worked as for a plasterboard company in his younger days and helped dad build a room in the shed for my brother to live in during his withdrawn teenage years.  A carport was built off the shed which sometimes has mum’s convertible under it but mostly shelters a pile of wood and a ride on mower.  I didn’t have a hope!

Where was I…oh right, Saturday.  We cleaned out the office, the Harry Potter room (aka cupboard under the stairs) and the garage. I was having a major surge of ruthelessnss, I wanted to sell things that my inner hoarder would usually cling white knuckled to. In my haste i managed to smack my head on the underneath of the stairs, jam my hand in a door and bruise my leg on a sharp corner of furniture.

We collected quite a good little bundle including 2 couches which husband wanted to get rid of but I wanted to keep (hoarder!) 2 of the 6 bikes, a steam mop, tent, xbox, various sporting goods, some clothes, shoes that I’ve never worn (including some lovely leather boots that I liked in theory but just weren’t really my style) and other assorted knick knacks.

It was below freezing as we started to set up but as the sun came out our fingertips started to thaw.  It didn’t officially start until 9am but as we were taking boxes out of the car at 8:00 people started arriving and picking through, I assumed this was the norm so I just went with the flow.  The first thing to sell made me giggle, it was a pair of men’s sunglasses;  you know the ugly wire framed ones that were common in the 90’s.

It was quite surprising to see what people were interested in.  To me it seemed like most of the crowd was interested in the stuff I wouldn’t have thought I could give away for free.  On the flip side the Cue knit dress, never worn (rrp $120) was asked about over and over but apparently $40 was too steep!

I think it was the wrong crowd for those sorts of things.  When doing a yard sale you have to have a list in the back of your mind of things you would rather take home than mark down and things that MUST GO.

Time for a sausage sandwich all this selling was making me hungry.  On a  side note I felt uncomfortable buying lunch out of the money we made so i made husband buy our lunch with separate money

While the best stuff went first, the people at the end of the day got the best bargains.  What started as $10 slowly became $4 by the end. I had a look at some of the other people s stalls and aside from one guy selling bike lights and racks there didn’t seem to be much other than kids toys, clothes and old kitchen appliances.  Our stuff was totally the best there (not that I’m at all competitive!)

We had a couple of hiccups, first when the sun decided to disappear, it got bitterly cold and started to sleet and later when a burst of rain came in with big black clouds from the north.  Some people chose that time to leave, we stuck it out, cause we’re tough.

In the end we took 3 car loads there and brought 1 car load back so we did well enough.  We made $219.05 which was great 🙂 I’m not sure where the 5c came from though since everything was priced in either whole dollar or 50c amounts?? oh well.

The last thing to do was to take the un-sellable things to charity and take photos of the good stuff to put on ebay.

What a great little Sunday morning adventure outside the everyday .


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